Gaurav Puri

Gaurav is an Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioner. He has completed his training at St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai, where he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy( ExAT). As an ExAT practitioner, he is skilled at providing therapeutic services using multiple modalities such as dance, drama, music & art.

Prior to training as an ExAT practitioner, he has had over 8 years of experience as a drama coach, theatre director, and an improv comedy artist working with adults and children in Mumbai & New Delhi.  In the role of an ExAT practitioner, Gaurav has facilitated team-building workshops for special educators at the Akshadaa Foundation, Bangalore, and self-care workshops for caregivers of people with Parkinson’s disease at the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement-Disorder Society, Mumbai.

Gaurav has worked extensively with children and adults with ASD and other intellectual difficulties at Evoluer Solutions, Gurgaon, and Amaze Charitable Trust, Chennai. In Mumbai,  he has also curated and conducted workshops for self-care, body awareness, and handling rejection for theatre artists. He also facilitates individual telehealth expressive arts therapy sessions for neurotypical as well as neurodivergent children and adults.

Gaurav is currently working as an Expressive Arts Therapy facilitator and Music Therapy trainee at Mayahs’ Universe, Bangalore that works with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders at FAME India and Cadabams Hospitals with persons with substance dependencies, persons living with dementia, and children with intellectual difficulties. Gaurav believes in the therapeutic potential of the creative arts and aims to create a brave space for self-expression, self-exploration, and healing through the arts.